Aymeric Flaisler

Data Scientist & Data Engineer

I am a data professional with extensive experience helping organisations leveraging large volumes of data in a secure and reliable fashion. I am also an experienced data engineer with cross-skills spanning machine learning, predictive analysis, integration, pre-sales support and project management.
I am passionate about tackling challenging architectural and scalability problems.

Latest Experiences

Birdie Care

Senior Data Scientist
Sept. 18 - Present

"Birdie mission is to reinvent care so that elder generations can age safely in the their own homes, surrounded by their families and their communities, and with the independence to live healthier, happier lives."

Data Science Instructor
Jun 17 - Aug 18

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  • Python, Numpy & Pandas fundamentals (Exploratory Data Analysis)
  • Linear & logistic regression with regularisation and model evaluation
  • Parametric and Non-parametric models from Scikit-learn
  • Natural language processing with sentiment analysis (including gensim, LDA, Doc2vec, Word2Vec)
  • Unsupervised learning, clustering algorithms, principal component analysis (PCA)
  • Time series analysis including S-ARIMA and VARMA models
  • Introduction to neural networks and hyper parameters tuning
  • Recommender systems: content filtering, collaborative filtering and matrix factorisation
  • Big data tools with AWS EC2, Spark, Hive
  • Data Engineer (Contract)
    Feb 18 - Apr 18
  • Design, implement and load test automated data retrieval with Apache Airflow
  • Automated 30+ mission critical reports in a tdd fashion
  • Overall architecture: AWS (EC2, S3, RDS), Apache Airflow, RabbitMQ, Celery workers & postgreSQL


    San Francisco
    Data Scientist
    Dec 16 - May 17

    Full-Time Data Science Immersive program focusing on ETL, Predictive model building, Penalized regressions, Ensemble methods (Bootstrap, RF, Boosting) - Functional ML/AI algorithms (gradient boosting, lasso, ensemble stacking) - NLP techniques (Dirichlet, Word2Vec, tokenisation, pos-tagging) - Big Data (Spark (+Hive), Hadoop, Kafka)

    • Project (1): 2017 Formula one results prediction adjusting for weather and strategy (game theory)


    Co-founder & CEO
    Sept 15 - Dec 16

    CrowdClassics is a crowdfunding platform allowing anyone to invest into classic cars from £50. Invest as much or as little as you choose in individual historic car expertly curated by our in-house experts. “Own a part of a legend. Get modern returns.”


    Lead Data Analyst
    May 15 - Dec 16

    Focused on generating, moving, storing, and processing data at a large scale.

    • Implementation of reliable and resilient ETLs from front end to Google Big Query
    • Developed an automated solution with all key KPIs reporting autonomously
    • Implementation of ETLs to consume metrics and reports from 3rd party REST APIs (Skimlinks, Affiliate Window, Linkshare)
    • Created a recommendation engine based on users’ interactions with a TDD approach to score to the recommendations


    Insights Manager
    Aug 14 - Feb 15
    • Designing and scripting of Python ETLs to:
      - download, store and load third party data into central relational databases
      - transform and upload data through PostGRES instances
    • Responsible for online conversion reporting ETL and data quality
    • Review data pipelines and proposing short term remediation approaches and long term data quality strategies
    Data & Growth Analyst
    Nov 11 - Dec 13
    • First Full Time Data Analyst
    • Implemented automated scripts and developed tools to reconcile data from more than 10 sources into a single database
    • Identified, defined and implemented measurement strategies that align with marketing and business objectives. Analyze user behavior, conversion data and the customer journey, funnel analysis and multi-channel attribution


    Galvanize Immersive

    Galvanize, San Francisco
    2016 - 2017
    Full-Time Data Science Immersive program focusing on predictive model building, penalized regressions (linear and multiclass), Ensemble methods (Bootstrap, RF, Boosting) and data engineering.

    MSc e-Business Management

    University of Warwick
    2010 - 2011
    Development & Finance for e-Business, real-time PPC, Analytics for e-Commerce, SEO and e-CRM.

    MSc Applied Mathematics

    University Paris Dauphine
    2006 - 2010
    Mathematical analysis and optimization, probability and statistics, stochastic and determinism modelling.

    Professional Skills

    Top Skills



    Advanced, 7 years
    I have been using Python (and previously R) for research and professional applications. I have multiple professional experience building ETLs and machine learning applications using Python.

    AWS, Airflow & SPARK for ETLs

    Advanced, 4 years
    I have production experiences of implementing ETLs with Apache Airflow supported by mq rabbit & celery workers for scallabily, AWS EC2 for the back end, AWS RDS for postgres storage and Apache Spark for processing.

    Scikit learn & statsmodels

    Expert, 6 years (Certified Professional)
    I have been using sklearn and statsmodels for more than 6 years. Most of my machine learning pipelines rely on them.

    Other Skills

    Regression Analysis Multiclass Classification Tensorflow & Keras Recommender systems Natural Language Processing Apache Airflow Spark & Hadoop
    Snowplow, Google Analytics, GTM & Adwords D3.js postgreSQL & mongoDB French :)




    Invest in a classic car at the click of a button

    Fraud Detection (IART)

    Python / Flask / AWS

    Get in Touch

    I'm currently taking on freelance work.I am a hard-working multicultural person, happy to live and very friendly. I am data-centric fluent in Python, in love with AI algorithms and believe rigorous foundations with data processing are compulsory to stay ahead of the competition.

    I can help with the following:

    • Data Pipeline (ETL) w/ Apache Kafka/Airflow/Spark
    • Predictive Analysis & Machine Learning
    • Recommender systems
    • e-Commerce / Product Data Acquisition (Snowplow/Google Analytics/GTM)
    • Reporting automation

    Drop me a line at aflaisler@gmail.com or call me at +44 77 99 402 602